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Graphic Series 1: “Find your Tribe”

Posted: Apr 28 2015


We’ve decided to take this opportunity to write about what each of these shirt designs mean to us—because it much more than just a graphic.  We want you to get to know us better and how we feel about the journey that we all are on.

Our “Find your Tribe” graphic really has two meanings for us.  We’ll start with the first and most obvious.


It has become so apparent to me in my travels through relationships; we sculpt who we are in choosing who we decide to surround ourselves with.  Do they enhance your life in some way?

Sure, initially we invite others into our lives that we think serve us in a higher way, but it turns out they were only supposed to be in our lives for a certain timeframe.  This is OK too. They allow us the chance to look at our current situation and question “what do I want?”

This helps us to navigate through relationships and lean out the people that are not for the higher good of our soul.

Our tribe are the people who support us in the times we feel confused about where we’re going in life, who cheer us on when we follow our passions, who tell us when we need to take a different approach in our outlook, and even the ones who we haven’t seen eye-to-eye with, but at the end of the day we love and respect one another.

It’s not just the people who fluff you up, but the ones who make you better.

The second and more personal message in this is the Dream Catcher. 

Dream catchers are supposed to clear your mind of fearful images and dreams—at least that’s my take on it.  I was at the point in my life where I wanted a tattoo, but wanted something that really meant a lot to me.  I thought about it for 2 years.  Not any ordinary dream catcher would do.

I had a previous blog that had high and mighty aspirations.  It didn’t turn out to be what I had aimed for, but it taught me so much about myself and I felt that I was on to something.  Something that brought out a creative side in me and I was able to express myself more than I ever had in my life.

The Empowered Logo said it all; create from the heart. So it was integrated into the top of the dream catcher.  To me it represents that if we continue on a path of adventure, chance, inner power, and love—we will make those great dreams come true.

My vision and dream is healthy family and friends, to travel deep into other cultures, a sunset in the Rocky Mountains, horses roaming the fields, and the freedom to live fully in my heart.  It is all on its way.

Our dreams are before us.

Empower On,

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